What is Libertarians Against Humanity?

Libertarians Against Humanity is an unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion BY LIBERTARIANS, FOR LIBERTARIANS… AGAINST LIBERTARIANS

Libertarians Against Humanity is a project started by Jim Jesus while playing Cards Against Humanity and wishing there were a way to make an expansion deck for Pretend You’re Xyzzy, the online clone of Cards Against Humanity. With CardCast, time, and a little help from my fwends we created Libertarians Against Humanity. It became a sensation in the libertarian Cards Against Humanity community and basement dwellers begged for physical decks to have a reason to see the harsh light of day.

Libertarians Against Humanity keeps the same tone and feel as Cards Against Humanity… brutally mocking and insulting everyone in its path. It would be unfunny and unfair to have cards that were friendly, biased, or harmless to the people mentioned. Instead we are scathing, ruthless, and insulting to the core. Not because we hate libertarians, but because we love them. We love you like an older brother telling your friends you still wet the bed. Hell, we are libertarians.

Because if we don’t laugh, the statists win.

The game is available for online play free. If you want to give, by all means send us some motivation. But we won’t publicly shame you for a $2 donation!


Video: how to play online for free.


Cards Against Humanity™ is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC and is in no way associated with Libertarians Against Humanity. Libertarians Against Humanity is not a replacement or substitution for Cards Against Humanity. It’s an expansion for Cards Against Humanity. Which means if you want to play it, you have to have Cards Against Humanity. You should go over to the Cards Against Humanity website and buy it and all the expansions, then come here and give me your imaginary space money. If you still think we made Cards Against Humanity or that we are supported and licenced by Cards Against Humanity LLC after reading this, take a shot of bleach. No, seriously; drown yourself in lava. You’d have to be a special kind of moron to think we’re supported by those guys after all of this text.